Woodford Reserve Master's Collection: Chocolate Malted Rye

Tasted December 2019 ~ 90.4 proof

70% corn, 15% chocolate malted rye, 15% distiller’s malt

The nose is greeted with sweet notes that yield to notes of cedar, nutmeg and other baked spices mixed roasted nuts. The palate isn’t too far removed from the nose. Sweet notes come over the palate and coat it with a nice, oily feel. Soft chocolate mixes with the roasted notes of a soft mocha. The finish has a nice, lingering chocolate note. For those that are used to the spice notes of traditional ryes, this bourbon gives some unique variances to these. There are still spice notes but more closely related to the baked spices than pepper spices. There’s a hint of fruit in there, as well. Thoughts of a butter cookie drizzled with chocolate and a dollop of cherry jam in the middle come to mind with this pour.

Dessert in a glass!

This is such a unique and delicious pour. The more it sits the more it sweetens and opens up. Its just an incredible mix of chocolate, spice and sweetness!

Dominant Flavors

CHOCOLATE, cherry turnover.