WhistlePig - Piggyback - Aged 6 years

Tasted October 2019 ~ 96.56 Proof

The nose is hit initially with hints of floral. However, as it begins to open up there are strong notes of apples and baked spices with hints of caramel. The palate is welcomed with white pepper, caramel and ends with a nice refreshing minty finish. 

"Here's to the PiggyBack ride you all deserve!" - Dave Pickerell

I had the privilege of not only meeting Dave Pickerell but enjoying a drink and a cigar with him. This was a few years back and when he was still with Maker's Mark. His products and genuineness went hand-in-hand, original and honest. This is a product that is an amazing rye for its price and delivers some incredible flavors. Not complex but exemplary for age and proof. 

Dominant Flavors:

White pepper. Baked Spices. Mint. 

WhistlePig - 10 year straight rye

Tasted October 2019 ~ 100 proof

The nose was met with notes of grassy straw, tea leaf and thyme. The palate has a nice meld of caramel and spice; almost to the point of a dry chili powder. As it approaches too much spice there's a nice mint finish that develops and tames the heat of the rye. There's enough residual warmth to make you salivate, wanting another sip. 

Union of Canadian Whiskey, American Oak, Bourbon Finish.

Rye whiskey from Alberta, Canada that meets American oak with a bourbon finish. The flavors and aromas are unique, masterful and distinct. 

Dominant Flavors

Clove. Mint. Tea. 

WhistlePig Farmstock rye - bottled in barn

Tasted October 2019 ~ 86 proof

This is Farmstock Rye Crop #2:

32% of a 2 year Rye

45% of a 6 year Rye

23% of a 10 year Rye

This is a limited edition rye that as of October 2019 there is a Rye Crop #3 roaming around. 

Spring Linen

Spring linen!! The nose is hit with freshness. Cotton linen hanging on a line during a spring day near the beach with wildflowers. The first sip hits the palate with some notes of brine and baked spice, like clove. As it opens up the juice gets sweeter and begins to invoke notes of caramel and bubble gum. 

Dominant Flavors

Clove. Caramel. Hints of brine. BUBBLE GUM!!

WhistlePig 15 year - Estate Oak Rye

Tasted October 2019 ~ 92 proof

Finished in Vermont oak, which has more ring than standard oak. Each ring is an opportunity to impart more flavor and depth in the whiskey. 

Walking Through Fall Orchards

The nose is hit with memories of running through orchards. Apples. Pears. Even some of the notes of decaying leaves on the ground. The palate is filled with honey and clove with a finish that reminds me of warm caramel or even a soft root beer. 

Dominant Flavors

Clove honey. Soft root beer. Warm caramel. 

Whistle Pig 18 year - Double Malt

Tasted October 2019 ~ 92 proof

Dave Pickerell helped create WhistlePig with hopes of making it known for its distinct, unique and amazing whiskies. This is one of those, utilizing 79% rye, 15% malted rye and 6% malted barley. There are many unique flavor and aroma profiles that come about in a smooth 92 proof whiskey. 

Double Malt = Double Great!

The initial nose is flowers with a bit of sweet dryness. As it opens up, I started to get hints of brown sugar and molasses. 

Allow this one to open up for a few. 

There’s a creamy mouth feel that yields notes of honeysuckle and vanilla cola. It’s delicious. 

Dominant Flavors

Honeysuckle. Caramel drops. Vanilla cola.