Jefferson's ocean voyage 4

Tasted April 2019 ~ 90 proof

Corn, vanilla, hints of rye bread. Fresh country farm air on the nose.

Spice of the rye comes on quickly with hints of smoky, leather. Sweetness on the mouth follows with the traditional caramel notes with bits of sea salt and vanilla. Nice clean finish reminding me of brown sugar. The spice of the rye lingers on the lips after the sip is gone. It lingers in the corner of the mouth inviting another sip

Sweet Brine Notes

I finished the bottle! Salt. Caramel. Vanilla. Smoothness. Empty bottle.

Dominant Flavors:

Salted caramel. Vanilla. 

Jefferson's ocean voyage 18 - cask strength

Tasted June 2019 ~ 112 proof

Caramel, toffee and some subtle walnut notes on the nose.

The moment you take a sip there is just an explosion of flavors. Sweet caramel and butterscotch, hints of salt (lightly), and then it emerges into some drier floral notes ranging from honeysuckle to sweet grass. The finish is nice, enjoyable, and begs for another sip.

Oh Captain, My Captain...

18 voyages doesn't happen by accident. If these voyages weren't working they would have stopped sailing along time ago. 

Every voyage makes a Captain better. 

This one is better. 

Dominant Flavors:

Butterscotch. Caramel. Floral. 

jefferson's ocean voyage 19 - SPecial wheated mash bill

Tasted June 2019 ~ 90 proof

The nose reveals sweeter notes for sure, to be expected from the wheated mash bill. Hints of honey, baking spices, vanilla, and caramel are prevalent. 

As I took sips of this whiskey the sweetness of honey and sweet grass (soft wheat) came across. Smooth vanilla and caramel are there, not too sweet just nice.

It's Not Just The Ocean

So many factors affect bourbon: mash bill and environment are just two of them. In this case, these two provide influences that yield a great sipper.

Dominant Flavors:

Honey. Wheat. Nutmeg.