Weller Antique 107

Tasted September 2019 ~ 107 proof

This wheated bourbon has a bit higher proof but the nose is still gentle. There are bursts of caramel and vanilla with hints of char. My nose at one point caught hints of the sweetness with the char and the nose was filled with charred marshmallow. My favorite as a kid. The palate is greeted with some sweet floral and grass notes. There’s a little more body to this compared to the other two, and a little more hit. Not unpleasant. The middle of the palate welcomes notes of baked spices that finish with hints of cinnamon. Warmer but delicious. 

Sweet Wheat

The balance of the wheated mash bill with the time in the oak makes this a smooth 107.

Dominant Flavors:

Clove and other baked spices.

*** TASTED AGAIN: November 2019

The nose is covered in hints of caramel and apples. There are notes of chewy fruits, like raisins or baked apple chips. At the end the nose is greeted with snippets of tobacco. 

Sweet caramel and spice fall across the taste buds with hints of anise. There's a nice clean finish with some residual warmth. Reminders of cinnamon hard candy are present. 

Weller Special Reserve

Tasted September 2019 ~ 90 proof

The nose is welcomed with the sweet notes of wheat and hints of light caramel. This is the original wheated bourbon and the nose lets us know. There is a light body on the palate with soft notes of wheat bread with hints of vanilla. The vanilla notes lead way to butterscotch and the grain notes become reminiscent of wafers. If there was a thicker body to this I could easily see notes of banana pudding coming out.

Original Wheated Bourbon

William Larue Weller lived during the 1800s. Rye was a common grain added to the corn and malted barley. Weller replaced the rye with wheat. This was first produced in 1849. 

Dominant Flavors:

Creamy butterscotch. Vanilla. Wafers.

W.L. Weller Special Reserve - Single Barrel Downtown Grill &

Tasted June 2017 ~ 90 proof

There are hints of vanilla, wheat and just a whisper of oak. The palate is clean, warm, and delicious. There are hints of sweet wheat, vanilla that moves toward butterscotch. The finish is clean and lingers with just enough wood and sweetness to leave you salivating. 

This is an excellent sipper and if it aged longer, then it may have graduated to the Pappy line. 

Downtown Grill & Brewery - Knoxville, TN

This was the first store pick for the Downtown Grill & Brewery, It was picked by 3 of its bartenders (Bryan White, Joe Muldavin, and Mari Vaughn) and their managing partner, Dan Goss (me). It was barrel #108.

Dominant Flavors:

Rich caramel and butterscotch.