Old Forester - 86

Tasted June 2019 - 86 proof

The nose gives way to grass notes that evolve into sweet honeysuckle. The traditional vanilla of bourbon follows with hints of spice. 

The palate is hit with notes similar to sweet Southern tea. However, as more sips are done there are hints of cherry and spice with a little heat that is tamed by the nature of the wood. 

Less is More

No need to chase unicorns of high proof or rarity. This is a tasty bourbon that is readily available!

Dominant Flavors:

Brown sugar. Cherry. Spice. 

*** TASTED AGAIN (almost daily): recorded August 2019

The nose hits me like vanilla floating in an apple orchard. 

The palate is greeted with sweet, caramel notes with hints of apple and spice. Smooth. Enjoyable. Simple. 

*** TASTED AGAIN (I said daily): recorded September 2019

The nose has hints of sweet corn, dry grass (hay?) and orchard fruit mixed in it. 

The palate is smooth with notes of sweet grass and soft vanilla that almost yield to a note similar to sassafras.

Old Forester Signature

Tasted April 2019 ~ 100 proof

Cherry, cocoa (chocolate covered bourbon cherries?), caramel and toffee all layer across the nose. 

Dynamic: Cocoa, leather, vanilla, with a middle note that comes across like fruit jam (cherry?). A finish that lingers with a delight of peppers, leather and delicate wood spice.  

Every Day Sipper

Can I afford to drink this every day? Oh?! I can!!

We all should be able to! 

Dominant Flavors:

Chocolate. Cherries. Caramel. 

*** TASTED AGAIN: September 2019

Vanilla and cream on the nose. Sweet notes.

The palate is a mix of sweet cream, brown sugar and caramel. There are earthy notes with hints of straw and hay mixed in there. Layered. 

Old Forester 1897 - Bottled In Bond

Tasted June 2019 ~ 100 proof

Vanilla, brown sugar, herbaceous and floral notes.

Caramel, butterscotch and spice. There are hints of dried cherries towards the back. It’s a great balance of sweet and spice. 

Bottled In Bond

72% Corn. 18% Rye. 10% Malted barley. 

100 proof. 

One season. 

One distillation. 

4 years of aging with government observations. 


Dominant Flavors:

Vanilla. Brown sugar. Herbs. 

*** TASTED AGAIN: September 2019

Baked spices, burnt sugar with hints of orchard fruit on the nose. Almost like a baked pie. 

The mouth is fuller, oily and sweet. There are hints of cocoa - white chocolate and caramel. The finish brings on hints of white pepper spice. 

Old Forester 1910

Tasted October 2019 ~ 93 proof

72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley

The nose is hit with a lot of dark chocolate, cocoa powder and even rich leather. 

Burnt brown sugar, toasted oak, and even pastry crust come across on the palate. A balance of smoky dryness and rich sweetness. An interesting dynamic. 

Smoke 'Em, If You Got 'Em

Additional notes of char have altered the flavor of the juice in the barrel. We get smoky and sweet in an intense juxtaposition of flavors. Truly unique. 

Dominant Flavors

Smoke. Charred brown sugar. 

Old Forester 1920 - Prohibition Style

Dominant Flavors:

Sweet. Nutty. Chocolate. 

Tasted July 2019 - 115 proof

Strong aromatics: dark cocoa, vanilla, leather, cedar and spice. 

Flavors are so layered: sugar drops, caramel, cream, crushed nuts. It, actually, reminds me of those last few bites of a sundae that has melted down: cream, caramel, chocolate, nuts, etc. 


This is too good to not have around. Enjoy it!

In moderation, of course. 

*** TASTED AGAIN: September 2019

The nose is soft for 115 proof, a bit dusty initially. Light vanilla, caramelized sugars that yield into raisin toast come across the nose as it opens. 

Dark chocolate and dried fruit march across the palate, grabbing it along the way. Oily texture leads way to red licorice notes, or even cherry cough drop. 

Old Forester Single Barrel - Green Meadow Expert Pick

Tasted August 2019 ~ 90 proof

The nose begins with traditional vanilla and leads to a soft honey note, call it honeycomb. Let it open up and I'm brought back to the agricultural area of Northern California where I grew up: orchards. I get pear and apple. The apple soon takes hold and its Granny smith floating in the background.
The palate is soft, medium body. It didn't coat immediately but didn't just wash away. First couple sips were filled with vanilla and honey that hit the nose first, some dry leather notes followed. But, with each subsequent note it just got better!!
Cherry lozenge followed by those same orchard fruits: apples and pears.

I used to make a dessert dish when I cooked for a place: pears that were cooked in the oven with honey, baking spices and Grand Marnier. This reminded me of that, although subtle.

The finish is delicate and ends with a pleasantness

Happy Hunting

There are some great economical prizes out in there in the wild. Gamble. Be risky. Explore. Good or bad you will enhance your palate and awareness!

Honey and Orchards

Apples. Pears. Honey. Full body.