1792 Bottled In Bond

Tasted April 2019 ~ 100 proof

Soft notes, slight hints of wood (oak) and a spicy rye note are in there. There’s something in there that reminds me of the old Wilson Leather stores…not so intense but a hint of leather.    

Spice (rye) and oak lead the short parade of flavor. After the 2nd and 3rd sip I begin to get hints of spicy tobacco, leather and caramelized oak. The linger of the finish dries the cheeks but leaves a sweet, salivating vanilla on the lips, or at least the front part of the mouth. An interesting sip.

Unique Notes

Leather, spice and dryness may not be key selling points to your beginner in the bourbon world. However, for those that have explored this world, then these are interesting and potentially welcoming notes. 

Dominant Notes:

Dryness and Spice.

1792 Small batch

Tasted June 2019 ~ 93.7 proof

Nice color, classic of what you think bourbon to look like with its luscious amber appearance. The nose is soft, borderline average with distinct hits of vanilla and caramel; and a subtle hint of marshmallow. Moderate body the fills the mouth. There is a low burn covered up by the sweetness of caramel. Slight oak with hints of cedar end in the finish. This is bourbon.  

Great for its price!

This is a great stepping stone for those getting into bourbons and want to see what's out there. Flavors are clean and direct. 

Dominant Notes:

Vanilla and caramel! 

1792 Sweet Wheat

Tasted June 2019 ~ 91.2 proof

Breaking away from its traditional high rye mashbill with the use of wheat we have a nice bourbon with a honey-like appearance. The nose on it reminds me of spring time with honeysuckle and hints of orange blossom. There may even be some of that fresh cut grass wafting throughout. The body is full and coats the palatte with a sweetness like that of molasses and caramel. A short finish with hints of grass and residual sweetness around the lips. An enjoyable sipper! 

A Lesson In Breathing

Allow this to open up and let oxygen do its magic. The flavor on this when you first crack it, 15 minutes later, 2 hours later, and a week later are all examples of the evolution of bourbon. 

Dominant Notes:

Herbaceous and grassy.