Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight rye bottled in bond

Tasted June 2019 ~ 100 proof

Vanilla and spice that yields to some grass and hay. After it opens up a bit there is a little mint and toffee. 

Spice notes and vanilla begin. As I sipped on it more I got notes of a sweet candy. Took a second but impressions of a brittle toffee with spice notes evolved. The finish was nice, clean – hints of earthy notes like cut grass and leather make way for a nice, crisp finish.

Bonded For Life

Col. Taylor helped to pass the Bottled In Bond Act in 1897. This helped to insure that consumers were getting quality product. The first customer protection act in the US. 

Dominant Flavors:

Sweet. Spice. Herbs. Hay.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Amaranth - Grain of the Gods

Tasted December 2019 ~ 100 proof

Strong herbaceous notes; hay, baked bread, sweat grain - dare I say fermenting mash on the nose? Sweet but raw with natural, earthy notes.

The palate is hit with notes of sweet straw. There are aspects that remind me of milk thistle. There are notes of honeysuckle, or even of a childhood favorite: sarsaparilla. 

Grain of the Gods...

There was a lot of hype coming into this one. It is truly unique. I do think, for my palate, giving it a chance to open up allowed me to appreciate the notes and flavors much more. 

Dominant Flavors:

Grain. Herbaceous. Rich mouthfeel.