elijah craig single barrel: 23 years

Tasted April 2019 ~ 90 proof

Wood, cedar notes, citrus and grain merge together in the aroma. 

Dry, tannic, leathery and OAK! Lots of OAK. 23 years in the barrel has beat this juice up. 

I added a couple splashes of filtered water and revisited it after it opened up. It came alive with emerging cherry notes. Interesting in the change in flavor. I didn’t hate it. 


Kentucky is warm. Take that back. Kentucky is hot. 23 years of going in and out of wood has cooked the wood profiles into this juice. 

Dominant Flavors:

Wood! After water, cherry notes. Vanilla.

Elijah craig Barrel proof ~ b517

TASTED FEBRUARY 2020 ~ 124.2 proof

** High proof. Move this to your nose slowly or you could lose some aspects of it. 

Sweet vanilla makes the typical initial intro. This changes quickly with some floral notes. It begins with some orchard fruit notes but settles with hints of sweet mint. There are nutty notes in there, as well. It may go with the orchard smell. 

The palate is celebrated with rich butterscotch and caramel notes. There is some spice: white pepper and clove on the finish. 

Dominant Flavors:

Butterscotch. White pepper finish.