Henry mckenna bottled-in-bond single barrel

Tasted June 2019 ~ 100 proof

Vanilla and oak with hints of hay. The dominant grain comes out as well: CORN. This note I believe is what brings on the memory of hay, or a barn. Pleasant aroma overall.

Spice comes out with the caramel and vanilla. It brings thoughts of that bite and sweetness of raspberry tea. Simple and easy finish. It leaves a savory note that leaves me wanting another sip.

Barrel 2957

A lot of hype in 2019 about Henry McKenna. And, with what I experienced here I am down with it. This is a great example of bourbon. It doesn't have to be $500 a bottle to be solid and delicious. Explore what works for you!

Dominant Flavors:

Raspberry tea. Vanilla. Caramel.