Elmer T. Lee 100th year tribute

Tasted December 2019 ~ 100 proof

It may seem weird, but my initial sniff of the bourbon released a quick memory of dill, almost reminiscent of dill pickles.  Weird. It quickly subsided. Caramel notes with hints of pepper and anise flowed. 

The palate was a solid combination of sweet and spicy. There's a rich oily feel that gives a sense of hard caramel candies, hints of roasted brown sugar. There's a spice in the middle of the sweetness, white pepper associated to the rye presence. Savory finish.

Happy Birthday Elmer!

There are a lot of props we owe Elmer T. Lee. His skills as a distiller for one. His creation of the single barrel program for another. And, as tribute this bourbon with distinct characteristics is presented. It is a one time run to honor his birthday in August of 1919. It's a solid tribute; although, due to its rarity and basic rules of supply and demand it's probably coming in higher than it needs. 

Delicious nonetheless. 

Sweet and Spicy

Oily feel. Sweet brown sugar. Hints of white pepper.