Bowman brothers small batch

Tasted April 2019 ~ 90 proof

 Sweet grass and vanilla with soft creams and hints of caramel apple on the nose.

Light toffee with what starts off as some type of sweet bread. As it opens up and I revisit it with more sips it finally hits me – banana nut bread fresh from the oven with melted butter on it. 

Virginia Bourbons

Sourcing from Buffalo Trace, it 

Dominant Flavors:

Banana nut bread with hints of butter. 

Isaac Bowman port barrel finished

Tasted April 2019 ~ 92 Proof

Mahogany and cedar come to the nose at first. Notes of dried fruit, possibly cherry, are accompanied with hints of vanilla.

The fruit notes don’t disappoint with the flavor on the palette. I’m reminded of those shortbread cookies with fruit jelly drops in the middle. Sweet and delicate pastry notes lead way to a nice, clean finish.

Port Barrel Finish

The port barrel finish adds additional flavors that a traditional charred barrel won't. In this case,  fruit notes become more dominant and brilliant. 

Dominant Flavors:

Dried pit fruits. Vanilla. Jelly. 

John J. Bowman Single Barrel

Tasted April 2019 ~ 100 proof

The nose is simple and direct:   

All spice with a bit of new car leather.

Roasted nuts to the point of a dry feel. Spicy, earth notes begin to take over and finishes with hints of baking chocolate.

Single Barrel

Single barrels provide unique characteristics that won't be duplicated exactly. This shows how some of your dryer notes can help control the heat of proof. 

Dominant Flavors:

Spice. Dryness. Nuttiness.